I'm Joe Woodward, an English software developer living in Thailand

I've been coding Ruby on Rails apps for the last 5 years. I love ruby, it's increased our ability to write clean, human-readable code. It's also made it possible to write really terrible code even easier than before. Over the last five years I've been employing lots of techniques to prevent smelly code, this is where I blog about those techniques.

I use vim to work magic, like this, leveraging plugins such as these.

I version-control all my code using git, primarily stored on GitHub and occasionally on Bitbucket

If you don't use Agile methodologies, quite frankly, you should!

Working with various teams, I've encountered many different workflows. My preferred flow is Feature Branching, utilizing pull-requests to manage code reviews and merges. However; larger apps will occasionally require a more refined approach like Git Flow

You can contact me here to discuss projects, startups, ideas, travel, cars or anything you like really.